Western Zhou Ritual Bronzes

Western Zhou Ritual Bronzes

Ancient Chinese Bronzes

from the Arthur M. Sackler Collections
(vol. II)



Jessica Rawson

Edited by

Naomi Noble Richard

Project Coordinators

John M. Rosenfield

Published by The Arthur M. Sackler Foundation and the Arthur M. Sackler Museum, Harvard University.

Distributed by Harvard University Press


  • hardcover

  • glossy paper

  • color

  • 776 pages

  • two volumes IIA & IIB w/case

  • Size: 11x14 inches

This volume, published in 1990, is the second of a three part series. 

It is a comprehensive study of the Western Zhou Ritual Bronzes, it should serve as a referenced for anyone interested in the study of Chinese Bronzes.   It engages us in the actual processes involved in the making of this fantastic art, and doing so, allows us to enrich our appreciation of these works of art.  It is a study of a collection that has no parallel, not only in the number of works for research but in the quality of the Zhou bronzes.

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