Shang Ritual Bronzes

Shang Ritual Bronzes

Ancient Chinese Bronzes

from the Arthur M. Sackler Collections
(vol. I)



Robert W. Bagley

Project Coordinators

Lois Katz
John M. Rosenfield

Published by The Arthur M. Sackler Foundation and the Arthur M. Sackler Museum, Harvard University.

Distributed by Harvard University Press


  • hardcover

  • glossy paper

  • color

  • 600 pages

  • Size: 11x14 inches


"...Dr. Bagley, in this scholarly work, has enriched us with his unfailing critical sense and insightful observations about both the aesthetic and technical processes of this art form.  As some of the lengthy inscriptions in the late Western Zhou dynasty bronzes say, "May sons and grandsons for ever cherish and use this vessel," so would we hope that the commitment and creativity manifested in this volume be cherished forever along with the magnificent bronzes they glorify."

Arthur M. Sackler, M.D.

This is a wonderful book.   It belongs not only in every art-historical library but in many general libraries as well.  It uses art to stimulate thought about the value of cultural diversity and about the too little studied role of technology in human history.  No one should miss it who finds pleasure in looking at objects, or who is interested in the nature of perception, or who wishes to understand a work of art from the point of view of the artists who gave it form."

Cyril Stanley Smith

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